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String Serenade, 2nd Movement

I have finished–completed for now–the second movement of this string quartet. The first movement was at a walking pace and this more toward a brisk jaunt, even though there is an adagio piece toward the end. The third movement, which will probably extend the work to over thirty minutes, will strictly be a sweeping adagio with a surprise ending–as soon as I get hold of in my mind a few beautiful phrases that I can stitch together.

At the moment, I only have this in pictures and music and not tied together as a video: that is where the music is exactly synced to the sheet music. As soon as I have that I will replace what is below. I have also included the 1st movement if you wish to hear what I have altogether. Once the 3rd movement is finished enough, the movements will be sewn together as one.



Part 2:




Self-Portrait, Oil on Canvas.

Self-Portrait, Oil on Canvas.

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