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String Serenade

I’m writing what is essentially a string quartet in three movements and have made a good start on the first movement which includes an Introduction (Largo) and a following Andante con Expressione. The second movement will be an Allegro, or maybe even a Presto and the third will be a sweeping Andante Cantabile or even an Adagio.

I am trying to finish this as soon as possible because I have a painting on the easel that keeps beckoning for a new lease on life. I will have to pear down a bit because, at this rate, the piece will be over thirty minutes in length. I have intended that this work is played in a stringed orchestra rather than a quartet, much like Samuel Barber’s Adagio can be heard for orchestra and quartet but a quartet will do in a pinch.




A Quick Portrait in Watercolor.

A Quick Portrait in Watercolor.


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