Howard Bosler

Artist Statement

An interest in art for me began when I was four years old copying images from comic books. This interest gradually developed into a deeper desire to understand art and art history, especially in terms of the traditions of the western world. Today, I carry many of the same notions that have found a place in western art from the time of classical civilization.

The greatest body of my work involves the figure, and, in particular, portraits. The challenge of portraits today is distinguishing between ordinary and distinctive. I endeavor to find an unusual angle, an inimitable image that provokes questions in the viewers mind as to purpose and meaning. Recently, I have extended my understanding to double portraits and the difficult challenge of making these images just as unique as the portrait of an individual.

Metal Box With Other Objects

Metal Box With Other Objects

I, also, as a matter of study, find still-lifes a regular, ongoing passion. Although, not as numerous as my figure paintings, the rendition of materials and textures holds my deep fascination.

I work generally with oil on canvas or wood. Paintings are executed in a traditional manner. First, I complete a drawing, working out all the details of composition, and if done in color, all the tones and qualities necessary for the final painting. Although careful preparation goes into planning the painting, depending on the method decided for the application of paint, the actual work might be quickly rendered or steadily applied in deliberate layers or strokes.

I prefer to discover the beauty and singular qualities of nature and humanity rather than the prosaic ugliness and fecklessness found in human nature. My art seeks this direction—the elevated over the debased. Even though many other artists search out the political, the temporary, and the fashionable, my interests turn toward the durable and stirring when examining the world.



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