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Modern Degas

I have always found a special admiration for a lot of Degas work. I especially enjoy his self-portraits and his works in oils. However, the Museum of Modern Art in New York is holding an exhibit of very abstract works by Degas called  “Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty”. One can read the New York Times article “The Modern Degas You Haven’t Seen” by following the above link.

Self-Portrait, Oil on Canvas, 1855.

Rehearsal in the Studio, Egg Tempura, Shelburne Museum, Vermont, 1878-79.

Best known for his pictures of ballerinas, especially those rendered in pastels, Edgar Degas experimented with all sorts of media. He became increasingly abstract as he aged and his eyesight decreased. Later production included women working or bathing, brothels and opera singers.

For more information on Edgar Degas, follow this link.

Race Horses, Pastel on Paper, 1885.


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