Adagio From For Guitar and Cello

I couldn’t resist posting this because it is a section of a much larger work that is taking what seems to be a long time to write. I think it is rather beautiful but that maybe my opinion and no one else’s. It is written in a complicated mix of key structures and can have a contemporary classical music sound at times. However, it is still a bit of variation on a theme and has more than one motif. This could readily be expanded into something much longer but even so, it can stand alone as an individual piece.

The other parts include an Andante, Moderato, and a Presto.

I finally got the YouTube video up and I’m inserting it here.

Adagio, “From For Guitar and Cello” by Howard Bosler.


“Adagio From For Guitar and Cello” by Howard Bosler

Self-Portrait by Howard Bosler

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