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Wall Art Using Basic Shapes

I created a blog about wall art and treatments for the website and thought I would include a link to the full article here. I thought some might enjoy or find edifying some of the artistic qualities of the designs, many of which would fall under the appellation of Minimalism. The works certainly show the concepts of symmetrical and asymmetrical design as well as the use of complementary and contrasting colors and how in combination a sense of movement and balance is achieved in modern art. Perhaps, they will inspire some one to examine or reexamine the works of Judd, Martin, and Malevich.

It is amazing how when one gets started, it is difficult to stop. In this article, I simply meant to show examples of the use of circles, squares, and triangles and had to cut down the article to a palatable size. However, one could easily spend a lifetime creating designs with just the use of these simple forms.









Self-Portrait in Payne's Grey Watercolor.

Self-Portrait in Payne’s Grey Watercolor.


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