De Stijl and a Chest or Table

In “Digital Design Documentation” I promised a De Stijl type cabinet. This cabinet exudes modernity with a bright, bold design, in a rectilinear form worthy of the mid-century modernists. I have this cabinet in the dining room and would not be without it. The proportions of height to width and the very pleasing feet, have me looking at it as if it were a work of art on the wall. This may simply be my prejudice for bright, pure colors. Fortunately, the cabinet is very useful in that it stores a tremendous number of items.


The carcass of this piece of furniture, like the chest in “Digital Design Documentation“, is covered in the same tediously produced black, lacquer finish and has a piano look. The inside uses a lacquer finish except in white. The doors are painted with auto enamel and have a great deal of reflection. The handles are painted with the same finish as the doors and are made of oak.



Here we get a better look at the feet. Actually, the cabinet resides on top of a separate bit of furniture that includes the feet and the surrounding support. Technically, the feet, therefore, could be removed.


A better look at the platform and feet.


Another look at the feet.


The  next work has the ability to change for different purposes.


Again, the carcass of the chest is lacquer. The remaining material is a cherry wood. The handles are rectangles of this wood with a small rectangle covered by a larger one which works extremely well. The base is entirely independent of the chest. When the chest is removed, a table top with a piece underneath that fits the recess pops on for an instant table.



The legs have a drapery look on purpose since this chest or table easily becomes a table. They are made by layering and gluing lengths of wood in two directions off of the support leg. They are cut at an angle to produce the drapery effect. This has the advantage of supplying, once the square is applied on the top, corner support without the need for advanced joinery.


Showing the table top.


The two configurations of this piece.


As a table.


A look at the table top.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed the designs so far. A lot of work takes place when trying to convert drawings to a digital format and then render them in 3D. I still have a few things yet to do.

The “De Stijl” cabinet brings me great joy. I wish I had pursued a few more designs of other sorts of furniture that include the bright colors and shiny surfaces. This sort of construction is not for the squeamish due to the high quality finishes.






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